Tuesday, March 11, 2003

This column by Les Payne in Sunday's Newsday is a work of vile and bile. The most egregious part is this-
The problem with middle-aged drunks turned Christian is that they can't sleep without yakking about Jesus, and they won't let anyone else sleep, either. Instead of embracing their religion as a private matter, they flaunt it as a mission to convert. They can become a terrible nuisance, especially to those born into the religion.

The drunk-gone-zealot may be reassuring to the troubled family. But it is not altogether reassuring to a modern world facing such a fanatic on the trigger of weapons of mass destruction that are capable of destroying the Earth several times over.

Regular readers of musclehead will note that I have no particular love for religious zealots, especially right wing "Christians", but I think this bit goes over the line. One can disagree with the President about his policy towards Iraq and even with his faith, but to lower oneself to such personal smears is beneath the level of what one expects from a columnist.

(courtesy Real Clear Politics)


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