Wednesday, March 12, 2003

Who's on the High Road?
Great New Dem Daily today about the responsibility of the UN to enforce its own resolutions. Here's the money graf-

The French-led rebellion against enforcement of U.N. resolutions concerning Iraq has taken on a new and more dangerous nature
since President Jacques Chirac's admission that there are no circumstances under which France would allow U.N.-sanctioned
military action to occur. "Whatever happens, France will vote no," he told reporters in a domestic television interview. Aside
from representing a green light to Saddam Hussein to resume his defiant pursuit of weapons of mass destruction amidst the minor
inconvenience of inspectors, this posture belies the claim that France, Germany and Russia are trying to defend the United
Nations' multilateral prerogatives against U.S. unilateralism
. The United States has asked the United Nations to deal with
Saddam Hussein after 12 years of unenforced resolutions, and it looks like the United Nations may simply refuse.


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