Wednesday, March 05, 2003

Given the focus on his anti-war stance, Howard Dean has been given a free pass from the media on other issues. One of these issues is near and dear to the same liberals who eat up his anti-war stance- guns. Governor Dean says he supports the existing laws and closing the gun show loophole see here , but he also says that it is the states who should ultimately decide this issue. In other words, if Georgia wants to continue its permissive gun laws that provide the guns used on the streets of NYC, that would be fine with the Guv.
The other area on which Dean has been given a free ride is on universal health insurance. He has not been challenged as to how he would make it work nor how he would pay for it. Dean prides himself on balancing budgets, yet universal health would cost hundreds of billions of dollars. Just where would the good doctor come up with that sort of money in these tight fiscal times?
Dean likes to be the outsider, speaking truth to power, candidate, but the more I see of him the more he looks like any other politician making big promises that can never been fulfilled. Someone should remind the doctor that leadership is more than making promises and telling people what they want to hear. The tune he is playing right now is harmonious to Democratic primary voters, but will he change that tune once primary season is over?


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