Saturday, March 01, 2003

The Cost of Containment
According to this report by the AP, North Korea is claiming nuclear war could break out on the Peninsula at any moment. This should be a stark reminder of the costs of containment. Back in the early 90's we were treated to smiles from Jimmy "Peanut Boy" Carter and Bill Clinton over their agreement with North Korea to keep that country out of the nuclear club.

The agreement was met with praise from editorial boards, especially The New York Times. None of these "bright" people bothered to question the soundness of making an agreement with a tyrant, instead assuming that Kim Il Sung would behave rationally as would future leaders of North Korea. However, North Korea's recent actions show that they not only have pursued nuclear capabilities, in violation of the 1994 treaty, but that they are intent on wreaking geo-political havoc.

This should provide some sort of warning to those who prefer to contain Saddam Hussein, but unfortunately their anti-Americanism and hatred for President Bush blinds them to reality.


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