Sunday, March 02, 2003

Allow myself to introduce.. myself
Hopefully you got the Austin Powers reference there. Well, the last time I attempted a brief sketch of myself, Blogger ate up the post. So hopefully this one will go better.

I am 32 years old and currently reside in Albany (upstate) NY. I came here for graduate school, but ended up ditching the Ph.D. program in favor of a master's and a job. My last position was legislative budget analyst for the NYS Assembly Ways and Means Committee. I have a BA in political science with a minor in economics. My master's is in educational policy analysis, where my areas of interest are teacher policy, school reform and the economics of education.

I attended law school very briefly back when I was 23 and will return this fall. After dropping out of law school I went to work with children for a few years. I worked in a short term hospital diversion program for suicidal children ages 4-12; with poor inner city kids; and, as an inclusion assistant in a public school. I returned to school at the age of 28 to pursue a graduate degree.

In my earlier life I held two elected and one appointed municipal offices in Bourne, MA (it's on Cape Cod) where I grew up. I have consulted to several campaigns ranging from state legislative to state-wide races. But the vast majority of that occured before I'd even turned 23.

My own political beliefs are somewhat idiosyncratic. I have gone from being a conservative Republican to a liberal to a libertarian to what I would now say is New Democrat. It is my views on domestic policy that are probably the most difficult to pigeonhole. I support school choice, but not vouchers. I support gay marriage, but oppose hate crime laws. I believe that the Bill of Rights is ABSOLUTE. I am pro-choice, but believe that Roe v. Wade is indefensible as far as jurisprudence. I tend to view the free market as a better mechanism of distributing goods than the government.

On foreign policy, as you may have noticed, I am what you might call a liberal hawk or an interventionist. I believe that the United States has a moral responsibility to promote democracy and human rights around the globe. I abhor realpolitik and wish that it, along with Henry Kissinger, would go far, far away. I believe that all too often we define US interests in their narrowest sense- immediate security and economic- rather than taking a broad view and including the promotion of human rights as a vital interest.

My hobbies are music, books, bodybuilding and writing (obviously).


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