Saturday, March 01, 2003

Little Green Footballs has the story about how girls are treated in the North African Muslim neighborhoods of France. It is truly scary just how much influence radical Wahhabi clerics have over large swaths of Muslims. It is especially saddening given the Muslim world's past. While Europe was in the Dark Ages, the Muslim world was developing high level mathematics and giving women the right to own property. It would be hundreds of years later before women enjoyed such a right in the Western world. However, a small cadre of radical clerics has hijacked Islam and reverted back to their own Dark Ages where women are subjugated to men and its adherents turn their backs on modernity. It has resulted in deplorable conditions in terms of economic development and human rights. This strand of Islam demands absolute subservience and does not permit any form of questioning or dialogue. Those who dare question end up in a shallow grave. How sad that such a great religion has been turned into such a human catastrophe.


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