Saturday, March 29, 2003

Dean Gets Nasty
Seems that Howard Dean is beginning to attack his neighbor, John Kerry, for his wobbly-ness over Iraq. Those of you who have been paying attention to the Democratic Presidential sweepstakes will know that this is a common knock on Kerry, trying to be everything to everyone. In a speech to Iowa activists Dean took the criticism to a new level saying that, "To this day I don't know what John Kerry's position is."
I still think Dean is playing a very dangerous game by continuing to base his campaign on his anti-war stance. Once the war is over, and Saddam is deposed, what does that leave Dean to run on aside from his so called health care plan? The same progressive voters who are attracted to his anti-war leanings may very well be turned off by his federalism and his stances on guns and Social Security. And, the moderates to whom his fiscal conservatism might appeal will have been turned off by his dovish stance on Iraq. Maybe I am being a cynic, but I just do not see the Dean campaign lasting through the summer.


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