Monday, February 17, 2003

Tax dollars at work

I hate to take shots at Public Radio because I am an avid listener and without it I would likely go insane. But the local station here in Albany crossed my imaginary line in the sand last week when it hosted Scott Ritter, notorious Benedict Arnold and sexual predator. I really should not even mention his stance against war with Iraq, because to me it really is of no importance. I would be equally as incensed if my tax dollars went to support a speech by a pro-war sexual predator.

What I find interesting is the lack of moral outrage from the holier than thou anti-war Left on this one. Their position seems to be that it is unfortunate, but it does not diminish his credibility on the Iraqi question. Huh? Have we travelled so far down the path of moral equivalency that we cannot even muster an ounce of outrage over someone who tried to lure underage girls to watch him perform sex acts? Why is it that those on the Left always seem all to willing to forgive someone of their personal moral shortcomings so long as they have the right position on a certain issue? It would be interesting to go back in a time machine to about 1998 or so when Ritter was a hawk and see how quickly the Left would maul him for his moral aplomb.


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