Saturday, February 15, 2003

Ok... just this one more.

I know that I said I would restrain myself with respect to screeds against the anti-war crowd. But I just can't resist. There was an item yesterday on Georgetown and American University demonstrations at the French Embassy here . (Note: the link may be broken, apologies). The entire story is worth a read, but this, I think is the money graf.

“We’re out here because there might be a war soon, and, personally, I don’t think there’s ever a situation that justifies a war,” Conor McHugh, Irish exchange student studying at Georgetown, said. “It seems that these people are protesting the right of France to have its own opinion. France has the right to disagree with the United States. There are major dangers in facing a war unilaterally, and the approach that the U.S. has is if you don’t agree, you are going to get bullied around. You don’t have a right to disagree with the U.S.”

Of course, I would not argue that France, or any other nation, does not have a right to its opinion. But let's also realize that those on the other side of France have every right to express theirs, too. But on to the substance of this dimwit's statements. He claims that there is never a situation that justifies war? I am not even sure where to begin on that point because on its face it is too ridiculous! Hey, Conor, try on these reasons- genocide, self defense and terrorism. That seems to be a good starting point for just wars.

Now, what about his oft repeated charge about US unilateralism? Apparently, the simple fact that Germany and France disagree with the US, that makes any action unilateral. Of course, what the dear boy fails to acknowledge is that at least twenty other countries have signed letters of support to the United States' position. So, let me see if I have this correct twenty countries support us and four do not? Or, in the case of NATO and Turkey's defense fifteen countries supported the US position and three were against. Hmm.. kind of curious that a position which enjoys 5 to 1 support is unilateralism! Hopefully the dear Irish lad is not a mathematics major!


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