Monday, February 17, 2003

Morning Quickie

Check out this from Andrew Sullivan. Even more nonsense from the Catholic Church. For anyone paying attention, the Vatican lost its moral authority a long time ago with its cover up of clergy sexual abuse. Any institution that aids and abets child abuse has absolutely zero claim to moral leadership. And, shortly after it really hit the fan in that scandal, the Church decided to purge seminaries of gay seminarians. Not only would that be too little, too late, but all evidence suggests that the VAST majority of pedophiles are heterosexual. But, for the Catholic Church, symbolism is everything.

But this weekend just put the icing on the cake. The Pope sent an envoy to meet with Saddam Hussein and Saddam's right hand man, Tariq Aziz, went to the tomb of St. Francis and got to meet with the Pope. The senile Pontiff said, "God bless you. God bless Iraq."

Moral clarity is NOT the Church's strong suit these days. And I wish the Pope would worry less about world affairs and focus what little energy and life he has left to rid the Church of abusive priests.


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