Monday, November 14, 2005

Sully With His Head Up His Arse

As usual, Sully sticks to the Bushie/GoOPer talking points on Iraq (version whatever the hell number we're up to now). Now, Democrats who question the war and the lies that led up to it are to be labelled "unserious" unless they offer "positive pro-active arguments for winning this war." Maybe Andrew missed the part of the memo about the correct label- unpatriotic- or maybe this is his way of being less strident. Either way, it's still a load of bollocks.

Since when does it become the responsibility of people who opposed the war, or those who would have opposed it if given accurate information, to offer up suggestions as to how to win. Maybe I'm crazy, but shouldn't the morons who got us into this war be the the ones offering solutions? And by solutions I mean something more than recycling speeches about the war on terror.

I've yet to see Andrew, someone who still cannot seem to accept that Bushie lied to him, offer up any solutions to winning the war. Yet, day after day, he parrots the latest Bushie talking point on the Iraq War. Maybe Sully deserves the label of unserious.


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