Monday, July 05, 2004

Ralph Nader is a Putz

Saint Ralph has accused Democrats of "dirty tricks" because of their challenging of his signatures in Arizona and packing a Nader rally with Democrats who refused to sign Ralphie's nomination papers in Oregon. This is just another in a long line of Ralph's delusions of grandeur. Of course, it is perfectly acceptable for the old codger to receive help from Republicans in collecting signatures in certain states that could prove critical in a close 2004 election. But when the Democrats challenge his signatures (successfully, I might add) and do other things to derail his campaign he cries foul. Hey, Ralph, it's called politics. If you cannot handle it, then get the hell out, buddy.

Apparently, Ralph was not content with four years of Bush and would like another term for the moron from Texas. While Nader spouts rhetoric about democracy and cries when people upset his apple cart, it becomes more and more apparent that he is nothing more than a megalomaniacal retread. No one has the right to run for President, they may have the privilege. And if Nader cannot understand that concept then he does not deserve anyone's support in the first place.

Maybe Saint Ralph ought to come down off his self made pedestal and live among the masses. This might force him to acknowledge the reality of a huge difference between Bush and Kerry. Only a blind, egocentric prick like Nader could fail to see the distinction.


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