Thursday, June 24, 2004

Beckham Sucks!

Once again, pretty ponce David Beckham chokes on a penalty kick and ruins the day for England fans the world over. Look, people, Becks was not even the best midfielder on his club when he played for Manchester United, Ryan Giggs was (go ahead and check their scoring the last two seasons they played together). The buzz around the golden tosser has more to do with his pretty face and his pretty bird. Maybe if Mr. Spice spent more time practising football and less time prancing around in front of cameras, he might be able to strike a ball in the goal, as opposed to into the stands.

The two best footballers in England are Michael Owen and Wayne Rooney, not David Beckham. Now, can we please stop the Beckham madness?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I agree but i dont agree with rooney i think lampard is better

8:40 PM  

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