Thursday, June 24, 2004

Scenes from a Gay Wedding

My former Governor, Bill Weld, officiated at a gay marriage for his former college roommate. It should be noted that Weld is a Republican and that he was one of the last Republicans I supported (self congratulatory pat on the back: I worked my butt off in 1990 to help him get elected). Weld is one of the remaining members of the Rockefeller Wing of the Republican Party that the Bushies and their minions in the Conservative Coalition and the Club for Growth have done their best to drive from the GOP.

As the national GOP moves further and further Rightward, people like Weld who are fiscally moderate and socially tolerant have been left with a choice of swallowing their beliefs on gay rights, abortion rights, and environmental protection or of leaving the Party altogether. Obviously, I made the latter decision almost a decade ago. I only wonder how much more abuse my former colleagues will endure before they finally realize that today's GOP holds no home for them.

(hat tip- Sullivan)


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