Saturday, May 22, 2004

Random Thoughts on P2004

Should John Kerry delay accepting the Democratic nomination until September 1, as noted here? There are certainly advantages to doing so, insofar that it would allow the Kerry campaign to continue spending its non-public dollars and to conserve the $75 million provided by the public funded general election system. Looking at it only from this angle it seems like a great idea.

However, there is a downside in that BushCo will try to portray this as another Kerry flip-flop. While anyone with half a brain would realize that ceding Bush five weeks of free spending between the Democratic and Republican nominations would be patently unfair, we must keep in mind that the average voter is not the brightest bulb. For example, the average voter still fails to realize that there have been no weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq, that the President's fiscal policies are bankrupting the nation, etc. This administration has managed to label any criticism of the President as unpatriotic. Never have so many been so blind since the days of Hitler.

And I know the Nazi/Hitler line tends to be overused. But really, there is no other regime that has been so successful in deluding so many people. The propaganda masters of the former Soviet regime would be jealous to see the efficacy of Team Bush. It is amazing what war does to the psyche of a nation and how that affects the populace's ability to think. Between Right Wing hate radio and Faux News, a whole segment of society eats up large slices of propaganda every day.

I admit that I used to think of the Far Left as overly shrill in their denunciations of Bush and Bush voters. But now, I can see they were dead on. How can someone with more than a room temperature IQ not realize that this moron and his cronies are ruining our country? It will take generations to rehabilitate America's standing in the world community; generations to stem the flow of red ink generated in three short years; generations to heal the rift sewn in the societal fabric made by appeals to people's base fears.

Four more years of BushCo would do even more damage to the United States. Damage that could herald its downfall as one of the world's great civilizations.


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