Sunday, February 15, 2004

More on Vietnam

A little bit more food for thought-

Kerry opposed the Vietnam War but served honorably and has a chest of medals to prove it.

Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz et al supported the Vietnam War but avoided it.

This whole issue is more about hypocrisy than anything else. It is not to say that someone needs to have taken a bullet in order to be Commander in Chief, but that a person's deeds ought to match his words. If Bush and Co. were so supportive of our actions in 'Nam, then why the fuck did they do everything they could to avoid going?

Oh, that's right.. the modern GOP is all rhetoric and no action. And whatever action and sacrifice is required will be borne by others who do not have the wealth or the privilege to avoid the real work of war. It is so much easier to sit in one's leather high back and run a war than it is to sit in a trench, covered with mud, dodging enemy bullets.

With the exception of people like John McCain and Chuck Hagel the modern GOP has become the party of privilege, pursuing policies of their own benefit with all costs borne by others. It is a party where public good has no meaning and leadership is based on divisive social issues. Public service is a means to further enrich and vitriolic rhetoric is the device used to divert the masses as the privileged few pick pocket the many.

One has to think that if Lincoln or TR were alive today neither would recognize their party.


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