Sunday, July 20, 2003

Language Matters

Despite my best efforts to avoid the bloviators of both the Right and Left Wing of our political specturm, I still find myself confronted with their inane rhetoric on a regular basis. Each side has a particularly stupid line of attack that lacks any real grounding and goes right to hyperbole. For the Left, it's the use of Nazi related themes when describing Republicans. It can be either the actual word nazi or sometimes it is gestapo or fascist. While the Right likes to overplay the socialist/communist theme.
Can either side, with a straight face, say they really believe that their ideological opponents either (a) wish to exterminate the Jews or (b) eliminate private property and install a totalitarian regime? Whenever I see either of these "methods" of argument in use, I stop reading. Because what that signals to me is that the author/speaker has abandoned any pretense of making a rational, factual argument and instead is appealing only to raw emotion. Or, s/he lacks the intellectual ability to make such an argument and relies only on bombast.


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