Wednesday, May 07, 2003

There is a new addition (is that redundant?) to the blogroll on your left. And it's a lefty blog, to boot. It is MaxSpeak, the blog of Max Sawicky. You can see his bio here. He is an economist at the Economic Policy Institute and writes a mean blog. What I find best about Max's blog, as opposed to other left of center ones, is the commentary provided by both Max and his readers is insightful and rational. In short, the blog does not contain the level of vitriol and hyperbole that is so common on some other sites (cough, Atrios, cough). Do yourself a favor and check it out. I think it's worth your time, whether you agree with the views expressed or not.
But now that Max is also linking to me, I feel obligated not to take any more days off and to make my posts all intellectual and erudite. Damn expectations game!


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