Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just as I was about to start liking John Kerry, this comes along. Ok, so maybe it isn't fair to not like someone based on his wife, but I don't think I want such a vain First Lady. This tidbit is from an upcoming issue of Elle, to whom Ms. Heinz Kerry gave an interview.
Her regular Botox treatments: "In fact I need another one. Soon." As for cosmetic surgery, "when I need it, I'll get it." She confides that she'd like to fix her nose, which has gotten "bulbier" with age.
Heinz adds that she has never had any reason to suspect either of her husbands. "Not for one day, because what I expect of them, they have a right to expect of me. Maybe I'm into 18-year-olds."
Oh yeah.. she's going to play well. Talk about bimbo eruptions.


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