Wednesday, May 07, 2003

Just Shut Up
More pablum from Scott "I Cruise for Underage Girls on the Internet" Ritter-- "I see no difference between the invasion of Iraq and the invasion of Poland by Hitler in 1939."
Not only are the Hitler comparisons completely ridiculous, but Ritter has such a problem with veracity that anything he says is suspect. He went from being a total Iraq hawk to being Saddam's biggest apologist in just over a couple of years. But, my biggest problem with Ritter is his run in with the law for cruising the internet for underage girls. Anyone who would contemplate meeting and having sex with an underage girl has given up all claims to authority on ANY issue.
And if the anti-war Left had a clue they would stop inviting Ritter to speak and showering him with praise for his "courage." He is a moral pariah and should be treated with nothing but scorn!


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