Tuesday, April 01, 2003

Something Totally Different
Apparently the Texas legislature may take up a bill to limit vending machine usage in schools (full story here). I know that there are those of you who may think this is not a good idea and a waste of the legislature's time (HereticalIdeas goes so far as to call this health fascism). But let's look at this from a public policy perspective, focusing on public health. Children in America, like their adult counterparts, are becoming more and more obese. Obesity is linked to health problems ranging from diabetes to heart disease that cost the American health care system hundreds of millions of dollars per year. These diseases also cost the economy in terms of lost productivity and worker missed days. If we can do something to reduce the costs to our health system and our economy, then we should. I am not swayed by the argument that kids will just bring in junk food from home. Perhaps they will, but you know what criminals will get guns, but that doesn't mean we should give them easy access to the rifle shop.


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