Tuesday, April 01, 2003

America Haters, Unite!
The one positive outcome of the war thus far is to show the true colors of some academics and "journalists". The virulent anti-Americanism that one is subjected to on university campuses and on major editorial pages has reached a fever pitch. These America haters have picked up where the "anti-war" demonstrators left off calling America a terrorist state and comparing the president to Hitler. These individuals hate America so much that anything she does becomes reprehensible in their eyes. The same people who claim to value human rights stand shoulder to shoulder with China and Syria in opposition to the liberation of the Iraqi people. Remember these people also opposed our invasion of Afghanistan, a country that harbored the terrorist network that claimed over 3000 American lives on 9-11 and oppressed its women and stoned gays to death.
One has to question some liberals' commitment to human rights and freedom. They are willing to demonstrate against some regimes and boycott others, but are unwilling to support the use of force to end oppression. Either they fail to understand that force is a necessary component to overthrow a repressive regime or they care only to give lip service to the human rights of others.


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