Wednesday, April 23, 2003

GOP= Party of Homophobes?
I had almost missed this one. GOP Chairman Marc Racicot met recently with the HRC and was immediately lambasted by the Family Research Council as having "secret meetings with the homosexual lobby." God forbid that the chairman of a political party actually meet with members of a gay-lesbian political group. Imagine the gall of Mr. Racicot to actually think that courting gay votes might be a good idea? It is groups like the Family Research Council that push the GOP towards the extreme elements of conservatism, to an ideology based on Biblical teachings without any respect given to the religious liberty that is the foundation of the American experiment. These are the people who would turn America into the kind of theocracy that Afghanistan once was, complete with public stonings of homosexuals and women who had sex outside of wedlock. They want to impose their narrow minded view of right and wrong, based on what they see as Biblical teachings, which is in fact just as bastardized a reading of the Bible as the Taliban's reading of the Quran.
It is no accident that Right Wing religious leaders said that 9-11 was brought on by our society's moral decline. People like Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson and the Family Research Council and Christian Coalition share a fundamentalist worldview with the terrorists who flew planes into the World Trade Center. They both seek to impose an oppressive theocratic rule on their societies. They are each morally repugnant and far from the true meanings of Islam and Christianity and there is a dark corner in hell reserved for them all.


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