Wednesday, April 16, 2003

One for the Road
Just as I was about to go to bed, too.. I stumble upon this piece on CNN. The pro-tax giveaway Club for Growth (really, they ought to be truthful and call it the Club for Millionaires) is airing ads critical of Republicans who voted against the President's massive tax boondoggle, and instead supported a smaller tax cut. The Club's lackey in chief went so far as to compare these members to the French, "Why are his so-called allies in the House and Senate so eager to impede economic progress? These 'Franco Republicans' are as dependable as France was in taking down Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein."
It seems that those who would pillage our Treasury for the benefit of the most wealthy will stoop to any level. Of course, this fits in with the White House's attempts to tie the tax cuts to the war. Ari Fleishcer has stated that the tax cuts are needed so that our troops will have jobs to come back to, which completely ignores the fact that they already have full time jobs in the military.
There is clearly no meaningful connection between the war and tax cuts and any attempt to create such a linkage will only backfire as the average American is far too smart to fall for such a tenuous argument. In fact, some polls have shown over 60% of Americans are opposed to the President's tax giveaway, especially in a time of war. Not that any time is a good one to squander limited tax dollars in a ponzi scheme to benefit the super rich, but now is a particularly bad time and only the most reactionary tax cutters support such a policy. Unfortunately many of the people who still worship at the altar of voodoo economics control the White House and Congress.


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