Tuesday, April 22, 2003

American Taliban
No, this is not about John Walker Lindh. It's about the Christian religious fanatics in America and how they seek to turn back the clock to the Dark Ages, much like the Taliban and other Islamofascists have done in the Middle East. In response to the flap over Senator Santorum's comments comparing homosexual sex to incest, polygamy and adultery, a conservative group known as the Concerned Women for America has issued a statement saying that Santorum was "exactly right." And the Family Research Council spokesperson added that, "I think the Republican party would do well to follow Senator Santorum if they want to see pro-family voters show up on Election Day."
So the way to motivate the core constituency of the GOP is to issue anti-gay statements that compare gay sex to incest? What does that say about the intelligence level of the average "pro-family" voter? If the GOP does not distance itself from Santorum's comments and the lunatics of such groups as CWA and the FRC then what they are saying is that they are just as willing to play the homophobic card as they are the race card that they have played so well over the past 50 years. But they do it at a certain peril. Just as the dinosaurs died out and the Roman Empire fell, so will the Neanderthals who would rather turn back to clock to the Dark Ages than to face the modern world. Maybe there is room in Bin Laden's cave for people like Santorum, but there is no room for such a person in the US Senate.


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