Sunday, April 27, 2003

CUNY Law- Wasting Tax Dollars for Almost 20 Years
According to the NYT "the law school of the City University of New York has taken pride in its zeal to produce lawyers with a social conscience and a left-wing sense of the public interest." This would be all fine and dandy if it were not for the school's 50% bar passage rate. One has to wonder if the school should put more of its zeal into graduating law students who will be able to pass the bar and become lawyers. But the actual shock here is that students at CUNY Law have decided to give an award to Lynn Stewart, an attorney who awaits trial for providing material support for a terrorist organization. The Dean has stepped in and refuses to allow the award to be presented at graduation. In repsonse, some grads are planning to wear tape over their mouths, which is likely from the same roll they must use to cover their eyes when preparing for the bar exam.


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