Friday, April 25, 2003

Anyone but Bush 2004
Ok.. so that probaby comes as no surprise considering I am a registered Democrat, but I did vote for GW in 2000, as Al Gore morphed into Mike Dukakis. Aside from his success in the war on terrorism, which is no small feat I'll admit, this president has been an abject failure. From his failed economic policies to his kow-towing to the religious zealots of his party, Bush has shown that he is unfit for the presidency. First it was Ashcroft, then a string of radical right wing judicial nominees, now it's the White House's support for Senator Santorum days after his likening of homosexual sex to man on dog and incest. This stands in stark contrast to the criticism leveled at Senator Lott and Congressman Moran after each of their outbursts. By supporting Santorum this President has shown that he would rather cast his lot with the American equivalent of the Taliban than with the decent, tolerant majority of Americans.


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