Friday, March 21, 2003

Role Reversal
Remember when it was the GOP that swore by the virtue of balanced budgets and fiscal prudence? How times have changed. The Clinton years actually brought about balanced budgets and even produced a surplus. Over the past two years, President Bush and the GOP have done their darnedest to eliminate surplus and now we are awash in a sea of red ink as far as the eye can see.
So, it is more that a bit ridiculous that the House passed a budget resolution last night that includes the President's $726 billion tax giveaway to the rich while we are at war. The budget blue print fails to provide for the cost of war and will result in massive spending reductions in vital programs all while the tax cuts have little or no effect on our economic doldrums.
At one point, it seemed as though the Senate would pass a blue print with half the tax cut, but now that seems destined to fail as those Senators who oppose any tax cut have rejected a coalition. Therefore, the budget resolution will likely include the full $726 billion. Hopefully, when the actual budget is written and passed, later this year, Congress will have come to its senses and reject the President's tax cut boondoggle.


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