Friday, March 21, 2003

I have been thinking a bit about the anti-war movement in America and trying to find some good in it. On the one hand, many of the protestors are young people- college and high school students. These are the same folks who usually do not even bother to vote and seem to care more about the latest Eminem song than who is president. If this movement can motivate young people to care about their country and its leadership, then that is a positive outcome.
Yet, on the other hand, listening to and watching these protests makes me wonder. The virulent anti-Bushism seems so reflexive and unthoughtful. Many of the protestors evidence little, if any, knowledge of foreign policy. It also worries me that the groups organizing the protests are radical leftist in nature and include some elements that are anti-Semitic. Do the young people allying themselves with groups like ANSWER even know of the group's core political beliefs?
I am not as concerned by these young people's naivety. They are young and idealistic and if they didn't firmly believe that the world could be a peaceful place without conflict, then I would be worried.


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