Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Another War
There is a growing war among conservatives, between the neos and the paleos. Excellent piece by David Frum over at NRO. For the uninitiated the neos are people like Bill Kristol, Bill Bennett, Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz (many are Jewish and converted to conservatism from Trotskyism). Paleos of note are Pat Buchanan, Bob Novak, Lew Rockwell and Justin Raimondo.
For some time the paleos have lamented the rise of neocons in the GOP and government. The current argument against neocons is that as Jews they are more loyal to Israel. Or, if they are not Jews, then they are handmaiden's of Israeli influence.
Frum makes a good case against the paleos and points out their anti-Americanism. He concludes his piece with this--

"There is, however, a fringe attached to the conservative world that cannot overcome its despair and alienation. The resentments are too intense, the bitterness too unappeasable. Only the boldest of them as yet explicitly acknowledge their wish to see the United States defeated in the War on Terror. But they are thinking about defeat, and wishing for it, and they will take pleasure in it if it should happen.
They began by hating the neoconservatives. They came to hate their party and this president. They have finished by hating their country.
War is a great clarifier. It forces people to take sides. The paleoconservatives have chosen — and the rest of us must choose too. In a time of danger, they have turned their backs on their country. Now we turn our backs on them


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