Tuesday, March 18, 2003

Although I have written quite a bit on the need for the use of force to disarm Iraq, I do not plan to blog much about the war itself. Partly because I do not have the capability to bring you anything deeper than what you will find in the major media or elsewhere in the blogosphere. But I do have some thoughts to share now.
I can remember the last time we were at war with Iraq in 1991. I was twenty years old. I had a cousin as well as a handful of friends in the Persian Gulf. I can remember wondering whether they would all make it home alive. My mind was filled with worry for my friends and family. I supported the war and knew we were doing the right thing, but that did not ease my mind in any way.
So now as we are on the eve of another war with Iraq my thoughts go back to that time. And my heart goes out to all of those who have a loved one in the military who might not ever come home. Eventhough I support this military action, as it draws near I hope and pray that we are doing the right thing and that the loss of lives- American, Iraqi, etc.- will have not been in vain. I hope beyond hope that the Iraqi people will be liberated and will be allowed to live in freedom.


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