Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Moronica for Morons
The battle going on in the anti-war movement over whether or not to engage in civil disobedience amuses me almost as much as a Three Stooges episode (referenced in the title). There is a strain of the anti-war movement that honestly believes that diverting public safety resources from protecting against terrorist attacks on US soil to controlling anti-war crowds is a grand idea. Either they fail to realize the potential consequence of their actions or they simply do not care. My bet is that there are some of each. Some of these people would not mind if a few American "facists" were killed by a dirty bomb in NYC or LA, others are simply too naive to think through the consequences of diverting public safety resources.
What is amazing to me is that these people, regardless of motives, seem to be completely oblivious to what public reaction will be to their civil disobedience. Do they really expect people to support the anti-war cause if demonstrators close down federal buildings? America has a strong tradition of supporting her troops and her president during times of war. The exception was the Vietnam conflict, but this current action will not be protracted and will not result in the magnitude in loss of American lives that fueled anti-war sentiments during Vietnam.
While I do respect the rights of these individuals to express their views, I just wish they would do it in a more responsible way. And, I fully hope that they will not treat soldiers returning from the Persian Gulf the same way their comrades treated our boys coming home from Vietnam.


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