Friday, December 10, 2004

Make Them Own It!

For years, the Right Wing Noise Machine (Faux, Limbaugh, Washington Times et al) have forced the Democratic Party and its leading politicians to apologize/distance themselves from every comment made by someone on the Left. It's about time we started demanding the same thing. Make Bush and company apologize/distance the GOP from Pat "America deserved to be bombed on 9-11 because of abortion and fags" Robertson; James "gays are taking over the world" Dobson; sundry creationists, racists and dimwits; etc.

For too long we liberals have naively thought truth would prevail. Well, maybe our faith in truth will pay dividends in the afterlife. But in the here and now, we are getting clobbered by the demagogues of the Right and their minions at Faux, hate radio, etc.

It is nigh time to fight fire with fire. Make sure America knows that Bush is meeting with an Alabama legislator who wants to ban (actually he said dig a hole and bury) books that have gay characters. Make Bush fucking OWN the wackos on the Religious Right, even when the ties are tenuous. Our high ideals are not going to keep abortion legal or provide equal rights for all. Power is, though. And if we have to lie like those assholes on the Right, then so be it. The American people made it quite clear on November 2 that truth will NOT win out.

Let the games begin!


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