Monday, May 10, 2004

Personal Stuff

To be perfectly honest, I do not have much to say right now, but felt that I owed the site a bit of an update. So, this one will be on a more personal level than the usual musclehead fare.

As noted below the semester, and my first year, is officially over. I am now in the midst of the journal writing competition. I am not feeling particularly motivated to get to work on it yet. That is at least in part to my uncertainty as to where I will be come August.

For the summer I will be splitting my time between research for a professor and working with the Juvenile Division of Family Court. My research focuses on shareholder voting rights in the realm of hostile take over bids, but also in the M&A context. I will also be re-examining the topography of stock ownership, a la Berle and Means, in order to think through the implications of greater shareholder voting rights. It'll deal with rational apathy, issues of efficiency (or the inefficiencies that now obtain because of poison pills and other maneuvers boards use to prevent takeovers), and motivating factors for large institutional investors.

Also on the summer agenda is the whole transfer process. Fun stuff that is! Unfortunately I have to wait until the middle of June for grades before I can finalize those plans.

The other big summer project is to migrate this site over to a different host and to install movable type. I needed something to keep me from getting too bored here in the Midwest!

That is all for now..


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