Friday, June 13, 2003

You Make the Call
Imagine this hypothetical, if you will. A wealthy college graduate is given a medical deferment to avoid service in the Vietnam War, then goes skiing in Aspen, Colorado for 80 days shortly after graduation. He expresses his feelings to a reporter years later, "'It was a great time to be a kid and do something relatively fun."
Would you think this person was well suited to be President of the United States?
Of course, the person in the hypothetical is none other than Doctor Dean. Perhaps someone should remind the good doc that while he was off "do(ing) something relatively fun" tens of thousands of his peers were off in Vietnam dying. So maybe it was a "great time to be a kid" if you were a wealthy, white young man from Park Avenue, but for the rest of America's youth it was a dangerous and deadly time.

Contrast that with another well off man running for President- John Kerry- who ENLISTED in the Navy after graduating from Yale. And not only did Kerry not run away to Aspen to ski, but he served in Vietnam with distinction earning several medals, among them a Silver Star and a Bronze Star.

You make the choice...


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