Wednesday, April 30, 2003

Just a Reminder
Much of the criticism of academia on here tends to focus on the squelching of free speech by the purported purveyors of tolerance, liberals. But let us not forget that historically, both the Left and the Right have sought to ban books and censor speech. I was reminded of this when reading Erin today. She has commentary on a Kansas Senator who tried, and failed, to stop a KU sexuality course. In addition, there is a story about a tenure decision, or lack of, that may have been tainted by outside corporate forces who have a large contract with the university.
We must always be vigilant to protect academic freedom from attacks, whether they be driven by Right Wing moralists or Left Wing sensitivists. Each are a threat to the free exchange of ideas and dialogue that is the cornerstone of American democracy and a hallmark of a liberal education.


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