Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Dark Ages
Maybe Bush is capable of pissing off his Religious Right minions. The President is to give his support to a bill authorizing $15 billion for AIDS prevention today, in a Rose Garden ceremony. Interestingly enough, the bill is opposed by conservatives because it does not discriminate against groups that perform abortions. According to the Neanderthals at the Family Research Council, "The AIDS lobby will be very happy, the homosexual lobby will be very happy, the condom crowd will be happy, the Planned Parenthood folks will be happy. That's not the president's base." Ahh.. now I understand. The United States has no moral obligation to help stem the tide of AIDS because gays, people with AIDS, people who use condoms and people who are pro-choice are not the President's base. I find it interesting that the FRC would lump condom users in with gays and pro-choice groups. I am quite sure that many sexually active Republicans use condoms.
It is comments like these that show just how far out of touch with reality and the modern world groups like the Family Research Council are. Condoms are the best weapon against the spread of AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases (I know, abstinence is even more effective). Religious zealots would prefer that we turn our eyes away from the reality of sexual desire, sexual liberation and sexual intercourse and focus on scaring people into abstinence. The obvious result of that experiment would be millions more infected with AIDS and many more with unhealthy sexual attitudes (probably similar to those of the members of the FRC).

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