Tuesday, February 25, 2003

Memo to peaceniks
From: Musclehead
To: Peaceniks
Re: Public Relations

After viewing your marches, demonstrations and public pronouncements, it seems as though you could use a bit of help in the public relations department. And, as a public spirited person, I am offering this advice pro bono.

1) The most important thing you can do is to dissociate yourself from the rag tag collection of Marxists, Communists, Maoists and other revolutionaries who have largely hijacked your "gatherings". People like ANSWER and other groups of their ilk have a reflexive anti-Americanism which finds its base not in the current run up to Iraq, but in basic ideology. Many of these people truly despise America and what she stands for. It is these people who cause middle America to question the patriotism of ALL of the anti-war crowd.

2) Tone down the rhetoric and learn a bit of history. When people carry signs and chant slogans comparing the President to Adolph Hitler it shows that either (a) you are all ignorant of history, (b) you have no REAL message or (c) both.

3) Lose the celebrities. Sure they bring the media attention to your cause, but at what cost? The vast majority of Americans do not believe Martin Sheen or Fred Durst are foreign policy experts. And when you have airheads like George Clooney, whose only brush with war is acting in a movie about war, spouting off that there is no such thing as a winnable war right on the heels of our success in Afghanistan, it makes you ALL look foolish.

4) If you can't lose the celebrities, at least make them stay in the US and utter their inanities. It is especially galling to the average American when people like Larry Hagman go to Germany or any other nation and speak badly of their country. America is like a family, and families settle their disputes at the dinner table, not by telling the family down the street how bad your family is.

5) Protest at an Iraq embassy, at least once. After all, Iraq has had since November to disarm and to be candid about its WMD programs. Saddam could have been honest and open and that would have averted any chance of war. So why didn't you protest in front of the Iraq embassy calling for Saddam to disarm and to save his country and its citizens? It's these little things that make the average American think you are protecting Saddam and that you are either ignorant about the reality of his regime or that you simply don't care.

Hope this advice helps. Good luck!


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