Sunday, February 23, 2003

Not worth a hill of peanuts
Could someone please tell Jimmy Carter to shut up? Don't get me wrong, I think the work the former President does with Habitat for Humanity and other causes is quite good and admirable. But can he please stop talking about foreign policy? After all, he doesn't exactly have a record to boast about.
The obvious reference point is his abysmal attempts at securing the release of American hostages in Tehran while he was President. But it doesn't end there. We can thank last year's Nobel Peace Prize winner for negotiating such a good nuclear deal with the North Koreans back in the early 90's. Now Pyongyang has come clean and admitted that it has nuclear weapons pointed at the West Coast of Ameirca.
Perhaps Mr. Carter is moved by his idealism, but all too often he checks his brains and realism at the door. Thanks a lot Jimmy.


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