Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Let the bodies hit the floor

Warning: This post will offend and may upset many readers.
Last night at the gym, while doing cardio, I looked up at the news ticker on the television to see that about 100 Westerners have arrived in Baghdad to serve as "human shields". (This tells the story of some.) And two things came to mind immediately.

First, did these "human shields" bother to stop in Northern Iraq and speak to the Kurds to get their feelings about Saddam? Or, maybe they can travel south and talk to the Kuwaitis whose land Saddam tried to expropriate. But of course they won't because their mission is to protect Saddam Hussein and his Republican Guard. That is what a "human shield" is supposed to be, right? Who has time to listen to people who have been affected by Saddam Hussein when you're busy protecting him and his tyrannical regime from international law.

The other thought that I had was about the old saying, "over my dead body". We have all heard it, most likely from our mothers or fathers when we were kids. Of course, our parents didn't mean this as a literal expression, but just to symbolize their absolute opposition. Isn't going to Baghdad to be a "human shield", staying at a hotel across from one of Saddam's palaces, basically saying, "over my dead body"? Isn't it saying, "take my life before you take Saddam's or one of his Republican Guards"?

That is the way I see it and to be honest, all I can say is, "Let the bodies hit the floor!"


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