Friday, February 21, 2003

Dept. of Mixed News
First, the good news. Senator Bob Graham (D-FL) will file the paperwork necessary to run for President next week. Graham has been mentioned in the past as a VP candidate, having served both as Governor of Florida and one of its US Senators. He is a leader of the Senate New Democrat Caucus and has been an outspoken critic of the Bush administration on security matters. Unlike other Senate Dems who voted against the use of force authorization, Graham voted no because he didn't think the resolution went far enough. Graham has called for the bombing of terrorist camps in Syria. Make no doubt about it, the former Chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee is a security hawk.

And now for the bad news. Graham is recovering from heart surgery and the pundits are already questioning his ability to mount a campaign at this late date and with these sorts of health issues.

Assuming that Graham is indeed healthy and recovered there is no reason to count him out of the race. While he draws from the same base of support as Senator Lieberman among New Democratic voters, he comes from a crucial, vote rich state. He is an expert on security and intelligence issues, which will weigh heavily on voters' minds in 2004. He has a squeaky clean record and is extremely bright. Graham is a graduate of Harvard Law School and has served as a state legislator, Governor and US Senator. Since his time as a State Senator in 1974, Graham has done what he calls "Workdays" where the Senator takes on another job for a day. Graham is a true moderate who balances progressive ideals with fiscal responsibility and exists in the vast middle where most American voters live.


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