Monday, July 19, 2004

Illogical Logic

Bainbridge is at it again, folks. In the previously linked post, he links to this New York Times piece, which is the story of a woman who, upon finding out she was pregnant with triplets instead of a single child, opted to have two of the pregnancies terminated.

Bainbridge entitled the post "The Pro Choice Position taken to its Logical Extreme", which is about as accurate a portrayal of the situation as South Park is of elementary schoolchildren's lives. He goes on to say that, "this is the sort of casual immorality that the abortion culture - fostered by multiple Supreme Court decisions - has fostered in our society." Of course, if our society did not respect women and their reproductive decisions, and instead forced Bainbridge's and the Church's view on women, we would not have situations like this. One would imagine that Bainbridge also believes prior to Roe that women did not have abortions. That would be the logical conclusion to his statement.

Of course, the story told in the piece is deplorable. This goes beyond pro-choice/pro-life. However, the reality of choice, whether it be in reproductive decisions or others, is that people may make bad or even immoral choices. But Bainbridge, like others on the Religious Right fringe, does not believe that people should be free to make morally questionable decisions, because his Church has decided for all of us what is good and right. (snarky comment: isn't that the same Church that made the immoral choice of protecting pedophile priests?)


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