Friday, April 02, 2004

Vote Mark Smith

Vote Mark Smith - Missouri Third Congressional District
This is also known as Dick Gephardt's district (of course, Cong. Gephardt is retiring and may be our VP). There is a crowded field of candidates in the race, ranging from really conservative (think Zell Miller) to really liberal (think Ralph Nader). Mark is somewhere in the middle and refers to himself as a "Practical Progressive".

While this is not a very competitive seat for the general, the primary is important and will set a tone for where the Democratic Party wants to go in the future. We have a choice between Lefty daydreamers, Righty DINOs and Sensible Centrists. I think Mark is firmly in the last group and would make a wonderful representative for the District, the state of Missouri and the Democratic Party.

(disclosure: Mark is also known to me as Dean Smith and while that may call into question my objectivity, I think anyone who knows me realizes that I am not swayed by school authority in any manner, shape or form.)


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