Sunday, March 09, 2003

A Matter of Trust
House Minority Leader Pelosi gave a speech on Friday in which she said, "I do not believe that going to war now is the best way to rid Iraq of its weapons of mass destruction. Before going to war we must exhaust all alternatives, such as the continuation of inspections, diplomacy and the leverage provided by the threat of military action." CNN
Ms. Pelosi is more than entitled to her opinion, but I think she owes the American people a better explanation of her alternatives. How is using diplomacy now, as opposed to the last twelve years of diplomacy, going to acheive different results? How will inspections, like the inspections we had for the better part of the last twelve years (except for when Saddam kicked inspectors out), work any better than they have in the past? How will the threat of military action work against a man who claims that he can defeat the world's most powerful military?
It is one thing to be against war, but when one of the top Democrats in the country cannot even provide reasonable and articulated alternatives, it is no wonder that many Americans simply do not trust the Democratic Party with regards to national security.


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